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Since 1992, BPS Global has been privileged to work on some of the most recognizable and high-profile commercial buildings and industrial projects in the Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific. We have earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies to improve efficiency and enhance clients’ value, winning their faiths.

At BPS Global, we are known for our excellence in a diverse range of markets, including Aviation, Commercial, Government, Hotel, Industrial / Manufacturing, Interiors, Logistics Center, Pharmaceutical, Retail & Restaurant etc. Our extensive experience in each and every realm is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams, all who take pride in doing the best possible job for our clients.

We are offering a wide array of high-end, professional construction and building services including Design and Build, Alteration and Addition (A&A) works, Building Services, Refurbishment & Renovation, Construction and Project Management.

Markets Served

  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Hotel
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Interiors
  • Logistics Center
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail & Restaurant

Design & Build

With considerable construction and project management experience in completing numerous large complex projects, BPS Global has become one of the key players in the field of Design and Build project. We are unique in our ability to take construction projects from feasibility, through design and on site to completion and after service. We are constantly involved in both new build and refurbishment projects including property conversion, warehouse fit-out, structural engineering works, alteration & addition works and new building works for building projects.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Managing multi-stakeholder projects
  • Complex and fast-track projects

If you have a redevelopment plan, addition & alteration, new building works or minor works plan to your buildings, BPS Global can provide you a reliable and hazel-free solution!

With qualified personals including Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer, BPS can prepare and submit building and relevant plans on your behalf to the Building Authority for approval. We can assist you in obtaining all necessary approvals prior to commencement of building works. We can deal with all paperwork and liaise with all statutory authorities on your behalf. BPS is dedicated in relieving all stress and difficulties that your projects might cause.

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Building Services & Renovation

  • Maintenance

    Lack of maintenance, materials ageing and erosion are major contributory factors to many building safety problems. Regular maintenance of buildings, such as waterproofing works, spalling repair, and internal/external wall renovation, is necessary to keep buildings safe.

    • Waterproofing Works
    • Internal/External Wall Renovation
    • Spalling Repair
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  • Metal Work

    Mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building in order to increase the storage area. Mezzanines are suitable for storage of light cargos with less demand on mobility. Engineering teams from BPS Global Group can offer one-stop services for mezzanines construction, from design and loading calculation, to project implementation.

    A structural steel mezzanine with office in a depot – Increase floor area and storage size then increase the efficiency of depot management for effective management and operation.

    A structural steel mezzanine– it increases the space of depot for storage and it can be single floor or multi floor according to the requirements of the depot users. The structure of steel mezzanine is strong thus forklifts are also can be used in structural steel mezzanine.

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  • E & M

    MVAC System

    The structure of electrical installations of large buildings and facilities such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, and public facilities are complex; therefore, only with professional mechanical and electrical engineering personnel are qualified to provide services related to the construction and configuration. Equipped with electrical and mechanical engineering professional qualifications and knowledge, our group undertake various kinds of power plant construction and upgrade projects, including power supply systems, lighting systems and air-conditioning systems design, installation and upgrade program. Proper power system equipment can maximize energy efficiency; reduce maintenance and electricity costsin a safe manner.

    High-voltage Electricity Distribution Cabinet –provides power to depot and lighting system design and satisfies electrical requirements of all parts in depot.

    Electricity Distribution Cabinet - precise power and electrical installation

    Lighting System - based warehouse providing storage warehouse planning, production, sorting and distribution needs of different illumination lighting systems

    Light-current Cabinet – provides configuration of light-current system

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  • Landscape Work

    Roof Garden

    Under the trend of environmental protection in the entire globe, lots of property developers in Hong Kong add the green elements in their buildings for increasing energy efficiency, establishing environmental protection image as well as taking Corporate-Social Responsibilities. BPS Global Group provides a series of environmental protection projects including Green-roof, setting up solar panels, wind-power turbine generator and electricity storage system.

    Roof Garden: Installation ofsetting up solar panels, wind-power turbine generator and electricity storage system helps the buildings save energy.

    Wind-power turbine generator: Generate power to maintain the system in the roof garden.

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  • Interior Renovation

    BPS Global Group specializes in all types of fitting-out works, such as finishing, painting, and partition works for office, shopping mall or lift lobby. With rich engineering knowledge, the Group can provide the most professional support services in solution design and project management.

    • Floor renovation and Epoxy flooring project
    • Upgrading lobbies of shopping malls and commercial buildings
    • Fitting-out office
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  • Fire Service System

    While determining the installation of fire service system, it is necessary to consider a number of factors such as setting up sufficient quantity and types of fire-proof equipment, the linkage of fire service system in the whole building and etc. In addition, BPS Global Group will propose professional design, standing on every customer’s view, to ensure the fire service equipment can be placed into all compulsory areas for fire safety issue. View More
  • Plumbing and Drainage

    During the installation of plumbing and drainages, there are several points have to be considered, such as the depth of excavation and concrete drainage, the size and material usage of pipes and the connection between the pipe joints. BPS Global Group is able to provide measurement and consultation on pipe and drainage aspects, with our professional recommendations. It can efficiently and effectively assist our customers to overcome their difficulties and problems on seepage and water leakage by installing the appropriate plumbing and drainages. View More
  • Electricity

    Electricity is an indispensable part in any kinds of construction projects.While dealing with the electricity installation, several points have to be concerned, e.g. cable routing, electrical safety and temporary electricity lighting system for back up whenever any incident occurred etc. BPS Global Group is able to provide a professional instruction and ensure to satisfy customer’s needs and demands. View More
  • Flooring

    Building floor is usually covered by ceramic tiles or concrete which is not durable and aesthetic. By upgrading the flooring materials into marbles, carpets or high quality tiles, and refurbishing the floor with special treatment, the durability and aesthetic acceptability of the building can be improved significantly. View More


With competitive advantage rooted in its own professional knowledge, BPS Global Group provides comprehensive services specializing in structural design and construction of commercial building, residential property, airport, port and infrastructure. With a focus on cost-effective services and customer satisfaction at every level, from solution design to construction project management, the Group implements only the high quality solution for customers.

Project Management

The professional teams from BPS Global Group always insist to provide the complete services of design, execution and project management that address the specific requirements of our client’s project. In the planning stage of a project, the Group helps clients visualize the project’s future operation through advanced engineering simulation technology. Clients who commission the team of experienced project consultants and implementation specialists can therefore complete their projects with the most cost-effective approach.

With the support from the Group’s industrial equipment partner supplier, the Group is capable of providing customization service that can satisfy the various requirements from clients from all over the Greater China and Southeast Asia region.

Following are some of the services that we provide in project management:

  • Inspection and Survey
  • Planning and Merchandizing Services
  • Supervision for Construction Projects
  • Quality Management
  • Testing and Entrusted Tasks
  • Maintenance Service
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