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We provide comprehensive analysis according to client requirements through simulation of real world business and operation development.

Understanding that each industry has its unique requirements, we would gather the various circumstances, including research methodology, time and budget as required by our clients to tailor solutions that address their specific requests and requirements. Through computation, we could obtain relevant figures such as the maximum throughput capacity, the handling capacity, the storage capacity, and the budgets for setting up and operation, potential limitations and bottleneck operations, etc.

We also conduct comprehensive acceptance testing of the figures mentioned above. Before the official launch, system testing on its normal operation and whether the expected outcome could be achieved is conducted. In other words, the feasibility and reliability of the new business operation model is benchmarked with industry standards.

Racking System


With over 20 years’ experience in warehouse material handling industry, BPS is of high capability to design, supply, and build turnkey storage system by integrating high quality storage equipment which includes pallet rack for bulk storage, carton flow rack for high-volume picking, and shelving for slower, lower-volume picking.

The range of products:

  • Traditional Pallet Racking
  • Mobile Pallet Racking
  • High-bay Racking
  • Gravity Flow Shelving


Heavy load pallet racking uses the same upright beam design, but their dimensions and strengths are designed according to different loading requirement so as to achieve optimal configuration. At the centre of the upright beams are reinforcing ribs to ensure safe loading. The front end connection of the shelving’s crossbeams uses a U-shape design to ensure secure connection in the assembly of crossbeams, upright beams and reinforcing ribs.

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