Micro logistics

Consulting and Implementation

Well experienced in developing logistics bases. We make use of advanced logistics analysis tools and techniques to provide recommendations during strategic planning process. With good planning and close monitoring of BPS consultants, projects can achieve high level of accomplishment and assured smooth operation.

Logistics consulting and implementation services include:

Technical Analysis

Production operation and logistics systems management in today's competitive environment has become more complex than ever before. To ensure the high level of accuracy in operations within a project, professional knowledge and modern simulation technology can help.

With in-depth knowledge and practical experiences in logistics market, the professional consulting team from the BPS Global Group can apply strategic planning and analysistechniques to find out the key factors to ensure project success. Technical analysis tools listed below are used by BPS specialists:

  1. Time Study
  2. Buffer Design
  3. Operations Research
  4. Solution Study
  5. Computer Simulation
  6. Operation Flow Analysis
  7. Queuing Analysis
  8. Line Balancing
  9. Critical Path Method
  10. Process Analysis
  11. Layout Design
  12. Investment Return and Period Calculation
  13. Resource Utilization Ratio

Case Reference

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