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BPS Global Group (BPS), a well-known supply chain solutions company in the Asia-Pacific, is a fourth party logistics service provider in the Greater China region. The company has rich resources and solid logistics operation expertiseto help all types of clients from commercial enterprises, manufacturing companies to investment units for their logistics project planning, design, construction and operations management consultancy services. BPS supports companies by making use of modern logistics concepts, technologies and experience to plan and manage the logistics projects or to improve supply chain management performance.
For a comprehensive service on macro logistics, BPS provides"Feasibility Study" for clients, it includes:

  • The necessity and feasibility of the project
    — Study the importance and feasibility of the project and provide constructive recommendations
  • Strategic significance of the development of logistics parks
  • Market analysis
    — Carry out analysis regarding external environmental, governmental policy, market situation and development trend
  • Construction conditions and project site selection
    — Study regional environment, traffic environment (including road, rail, water and aviation), industrial environment and public policy to propose different project sites for selection.
  • Project planning in phases
  • Infrastructure
    — Evaluate physical infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, telecommunications, utilities and other public facilities) and social infrastructure (education, science, technology, health, sports and culture)
  • Energy conservation, fire and human safety
    — Propose cost-effective solutions to save energy and make recommendations on fire and safety.
  • Environmental measure, soil and water conservation
  • Labor quota
  • Project bidding
  • Investment estimation and funding
    — Estimate project investment, fund the project, and conduct financial forecasting and evaluation.
  • Financial evaluation of the project; Benefit analysis: ROI and IRR analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
    — Setting up a logistics center involves huge investment and long development cycle, together with other factors that will also affect the investment, the risk is relatively high. In this case, we will carry out the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for our clients.

In addition, BPS also prepares “Business Plan” for the clients. The consulting services include:

  • Background Study
    — Assess the project background information and evaluate the environment
  • Market positioning and functional orientation of the project
  • Analysis of different development models
    — Decide the investment mode, and then determine the structure of the benefits of shareholders and investors.
  • Overall layout plan of the land-piece
  • Functional design plan
    — The regional transportation and economic structure should complement the surrounding logistics parks to avoid competition.
  • Organization structure set up for the initial stage
  • Investment estimation and financing
  • Risk analysis and control of the project
  • Project implementation schedule
  • IT Systems recommendations

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