e-Commerce Platform

  • Real-time warehouse management system for accurate, safe and visible supply chain management
  • The support of Logistics Park and Transport Management System smoothens the delivery process
  • E-Finance system for increased flexibility of stock flow and productivity
  • Back up by LPMS, this digital management system further increases satisfactory level
  • POS for better management of information and thus increase competitiveness as a whole
  • E-commerce connects both online and offline systems for an ideal O2O platform
  • Arena Simulation Software

    BPS Global is an authorized Arena Simulation Software distributor for Hong Kong/ Macau /China. Arena is a powerful discrete event simulation software which enables our clients or consultants to simplify, streamline and standardize business process for best practice and evaluate potential alternatives to determine the best approach to optimize performance. In addition, we can offer software training to clients who would like to maximize the benefits of using Arena.


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  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • Web based management
    • Cross border and virtual stock management
    • Real time monitor for higher security level
    • Connection to E-commerce can enhance the level of security and visibility for both online and offline transactions
  • E-Commerce

    • Supported by a centralized supply chain logistics system, this O2O electronic business platform focuses mainly on customer service, combines both online and offline systems for easier management
    • Digital backstage management, together with accurate keywords selection and search engine ranking as promotion tools, which can further assist online marketing
    • With high visibility and connection to E-commerce transaction system, together with enterprise management system, payment platform, the other systems in O2O platform, and customization with other systems.
  • Transport Management System (TMS)

    • Web based management
    • Centralized transport management for third party logistics companies
    • Performance report for analysis
    • Advanced notification system
  • Logistics Park Management System (LPMS)

    This web-based management system can increase efficiency and thus create a green working environment.

  • POS

    This O2O information sharing system is based on B/S structure, with high visibility, flexibility, applicability and security level as principles, both online and offline stores can share market information, for better customer relationship management and marketing.

  • E-Finance

    • A system connecting owners, guarantee corporations and also the logistics management companies
    • Auto-connection to WMS
    • Standardize workflow
    • Real time management for higher security level
    • Better risk management for the stock