Warehouse Automation

Premium equipment integration and highly effective system installation are integral to the smooth operation of various industrial and logistics tasks. Riding on our thorough understanding of client requirements, the Group can recommend various equipment packages for our clients, so that our best practice solutions can bring added value through the aid of appropriate equipment.
BPS Global Group has its own advanced manufacturing plant in Nanjing. The Group also distribute for a number of leading equipment suppliers so that clients can enjoy all-rounded total industrial and logistics solutions. The equipment designed, manufactured and supplied by us include conveyer systems, warehouse equipment and accessories, material handling systems, storage systems, automatic warehousing systems and other types of industrial equipment. We will continue to manufacture and introduce more suitable equipment according to the changes in client requirements.
Faultless equipment integration makes it possible for product manufacturers, large scale retailers and logistics service providers to operate with increased efficiency. It helps to realize clear storage locations, facilitating smooth dispatch, concise distribution, and easier control, record keeping and overall management, all of which are pivotal to ideal commodity circulation that could contribute to enhance a company’s competitiveness. Our professional team has performed a large number of equipment integration projects, and is undoubtedly capable of bringing customized best practice solutions to clients from different industries.
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