Logistics Consulting

We offer logistics consulting, supply chain optimization, and operations improvement services. We act as a beacon to guide our clients in selecting the best paths for their business and operation via the most appropriate combination of process, equipment, and operating systems to help improve return on investment, profit margin, quality of output, and strong competitiveness.

Our service coverage:

  Retail Environmental Food Building Hospital Hotel Trade & Service Manufacturing Other Industry
Supply Chain Management  
World Class Operations    
Business Process Optimization    
Distribution and Transportation
Warehouse Design and Operations  
Internal Operations Design

Macro Logistics

  • Strategic planning of regional logistics facilities
  • Feasibility study on logistics and related opportunities
  • Business and investment investigation of potential project
  • Overall and detailed commercial planning for logistics
  • Conceptual and functional design of logistics park
  • Information system infrastructure plan
  • Logistics park construction project management
  • Regular retainedconsulting services on project


Micro logistics

  • Internal logistics outsourcing planning
  • Logistics company project management consulting
  • Logistics planning, design, modification and implementation
  • Supply chain optimization, resource integration
  • Logistics information system planning and logistics software consulting
  • Logistics training

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